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Damien de veuster wikipedia

Damien can refer to: Damien de Veuster (Saint Damien, born Jozef De Veuster, also named "Father Damien De Veuster of Molokai"), a Belgian-Hawaiian Catholic priest. Belgian Roman Catholic missionary who ministered to the leper. Da·mien de Veus·ter (d m-n d vy st r, dä-my d v-st r), Joseph Known as "Father Damien." Da·mien de Veus·ter (d m-n d vy st r, dä-my d v-st r), Joseph Known as "Father Damien." 1840-1889. Gavan Daws, Holy Man: Father Damien of Molokai, University of Hawai'i Press, 1994. His father, a small farmer, sent him to a college at Braine-le.

Januar 1840 als Jef de Veuster in Tremelo, Belgien; ? 15. April 1889 in Kalawao, Insel Moloka?i, Hawaii, auch Damian von Molokai, englisch Damien, niederländisch Damiaan. Missionary priest, born at Tremeloo, Belgium, 3 January 1840; died at Molokai, Hawaii, 15 April 1889. Damiano (al secolo Jozef) de Veuster (Tremelo, 3 gennaio 1840. Le Père Damien (né Jozef De Veuster le 3 janvier 1840 à Ninde , Tremelo , et mort le 15 avril 1889 à Molokai , Hawaï) est un missionnaire belge, membre de la. Damien de Veuster, SS.CC., who was canonized by Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday October 11. Svatý Jozef Damien De Veuster , známý té? jako Otec malomocných , otec Damien nebo Damien z Molokai (3. ledna 1840 ? 15. dubna 1889) byl vlámský katolický.

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Damien de veuster sscc

He joined the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts volunteering for the mission to the Hawaiian Islands. Father Damien was born in Belgium on January 3, 1840. (1840-1889) The word ?leper?, meaning one possessed by a type of disease that devours flesh and bone, still makes us shudder, and brings to mind those victims of. May 10th Feast of Blessed Damien De Veuster, ss.cc., Servant of Humanity. Vickie Nesbit, The Oregonian As time machines go, Makani the mule. Joseph De Veuster, the future Father Damien, was born at Tremelo in Belgium, January 3rd, 1840. The Congregation is preparing for an exceptional event: the first canonization of one of its sons, Father Damien De Veuster, which will take place October 11 in Rome. Blessed Damien the Leper (1840-89) SSCC missionary in.

He joined the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts volunteering for the mission to the Hawaiian Islands. April 15, 1889), born Jozef De Veuster, was a Roman Catholic priest from Belgium and member of. Martyr of Charity and Apostle to the Lepers Servant of Humanity. His was a large family and his father was a farmer-merchant. Father Damien or Saint Damien of Molokai, SS.CC. (January 3, 1840. Joseph De Veuster was born in Belgium into a pious farming family. Jesus Christ is with the missionaries in a particular way.

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